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Saph's Wicked Ways

Twisted, yet fun :)

Saphire Phoenix
30 December
Well, I've lived here for like 2 years now, and not a lots changed lol. So onto the random:

give saphphx more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

Other then that :P I've split things up into a few journals, why? its easier for others to add to friends if they want to read a section instead of asking to be put on certain filters, then people can add and remove themselves as they want. Its easier this way, cause if you don't want to read somethin, don't add it :D (Yeah, some people dont want to know what I really think or what my bunnies chewed to death today :D)

So here you go:

saph_n_bunnies: All about my bunnies and my kitty! (really should be saph_n_fluffs lol) :D
tippit_puppy: All about my muppy, though there isn't a lot in here as I spent more time with her then writing about her lol!
winterssaphire: Still the un-edited version of life (Please note this one is friends only)

Feel free to add as friend and I'll add you back ASAP :)
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